Your Research Project and Where To Start

1. Turn your idea into a research question
First stages
Discuss your ideas with other
Role of NIHR RDS
User Involvement
Other issues to consider


2. Review the literature
Where do I start?
Libraries: contacts
Links to useful websites
Systematic Reviews


3. Design the study and develop your method(s)
Participant Involvement
Survey Design
Statistical issues
Qualitative/Quantitative Research
Questionnaire Design
Intellectual property


4. Writing your research proposal
Starting your research proposal
Peer Review
Sponsor Issues
Further help


5. Issues about funding

Advice about funding 

Project planning
NHS costs and costings checklist
Paying consumers involved in research


6. Obtain ethical and Trust approval
Why Ethics are so Important?
Contact your Trust R&D Office
Know your Ethics Committee
Prepare your information sheets and consent forms
Research Governance


7. Collect and collate the data
Issues to consider
Conduct Issues
Data Protection & Confidentiality
Suggested reading


8. Analyse the data and interpret findings
Data analysis
Interpreting Data
Suggested reading


9. Impact of your research on clinical practice
Evidence-Based Practice
Research evidence
Commercial Aspects/By-products of Research


10. Reporting and dissemination
Writing up Research
Research Reporting Guidelines
Disseminating Research
Presenting at Conferences/ Seminars
Making findings known to users

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